For more than one decade, Gerda De Ceukelaire has been designing and developing unique and quirky handbags. 'Developing' indeed, as each design arises only after a complex process of sketching, prototyping and testing various materials and grades of leather. Prototypes are worn before being produced and if necessary they are re-designed to result finally into well thought out and functional models. Produced in Andalucia, with only high quality leather, tanned according to the highest craft rules Prices are fair and the work is properly compensated. Gerda’s work has always been highly appreciated for her fascination for unusual materials and rare types of leather, as well as for her unfailing flair for researching and combining them. This results into unique and authentic aesthetics - a fascinating synergy of timelessness and contemporary trendiness.
Gerda does not like to be involved in the rat race for new models each season. New handbag collections are only being represented when she feels like to. Sometimes once a year sometimes twice.


Next private sale on Saturday 3 December 11am-5pm and Sunday 4 December 2pm-5pm.

Location: Optiek Weytjens - de Vironstraat 1A - 1730 Asse.

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Current collection VS Previous collection

Everyone has a different idea of what a practical handbag should be, and Gerda De Ceukelaire knows this. That is why every one of her handbags embodies practicality in its own way.  There are proper ‘hand’ bags, but also shoulder bags and crossover bags.

Combining beauty, style and practicality, Gerda De Ceukelaire’s bags are perfect examples of the authentic purity of form she maintains. Her work features neutral, basic colours with sunny and fresh accents that will brighten up your entire look. Hence, the bags can be worn in any season.

All models from the ‘Current Collection’ are available for purchase right now and can be delivered immediately. In addition, an overview of  almost all previous models can be found under ‘Previous Collection’. Though now out of production, some of these models might still be available in stores, and could, in future, find their way back into the ‘Present’ collection.

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